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2010  Strategic Plan Update


In November 2010, The T’s board of directors endorsed a new long-range strategic plan to enhance current public transportation services and cover more of Tarrant County.

The T’s 2010 Strategic Plan would expand “Transportation,” improve “Timeliness” and upgrade “Technology.”  These three themes reflect public feedback to add more transit that goes to more places, more frequently, faster, on time, and with improved customer amenities, especially the technology to check schedules and status of buses or trains online and from mobile devices.

The new plan incorporates ideas and priorities from meetings with government officials, residents, community leaders, developers and transit planners, comments via The T’s website, phone lines, comment cards and a county-wide household telephone survey.

Plan Goals and Objectives
The top priority of the 2010 Strategic Plan is construction and operation of the SW-2-NE rail corridor in the next five years.  Other service improvements identified include:
 • Expansion of bus park & ride lots and new express bus service
 • Implementation of Enhanced Bus Corridors in key areas of the city
 • Expansion of bus service in Tarrant County
 • Creation of flexible, on-demand services in lower demand areas

Beyond service expansion, The T is also committed to improving customer experiences through additional enhancements such as:
 • Increasing the number of passenger shelters
 • Developing online trip planning service
 • Increasing use of technology to communicate with customers

These improvements will require additional resources.  The 2010 Strategic Plan includes objectives to improve public awareness of transit need, identify new revenue sources, and use technology to increase system efficiencies.  Some of these include:
 • Creating a local initiative to promote benefits of transit
 • Investigating ways to expand the T service area
 • Developing mechanisms for recapturing value of transit infrastructure
 • Investigating use of more fuel efficient buses

To view the 2010 Strategic Plan in Acrobat PDF format click here